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Forte Condos takes a swing

The Forte Condos has taken some hits from the buying public on their high monthly charges. In a move not often seen by the developer/sponsor, they've chosen to take their argument to the blogosphere on Among their explanations for their high monthly charges is that
  1. their budget takes into account non-union labor and that they have more personnel per unit than other projects, like J Condo.
  2. Their operating expenses take into account steam from the city. Other projects don't.
  3. Their budget was created with energy costs at their peak. Now that things have stabilised, they are going to revise their schedule B.
In an added twist, they have updated their website with actual pictures from specific units. Quite interesting views- check them here. One of our favorite ones is shown above, from unit 17C. Let's see what that looks like in a few years, if the Atlantic Yards project gets built. (Surely, the folks will have a say)

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