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Future site of hello townhouses


St Joseph's church garden/oasis being razed for parking lot

Due to its' new cathedral status, St Joseph's has gained a lot more constituents. So much that it is razing one of it's very nice urban garden areas to be a parking lot for their churchgoers.


Tom Colicchio buys in Fort Greene


Hello Townhouses - pics revealed

Renderings for the new townhouses on Underhill have come out. Take a look below. Interesting concept with the outdoor dining on the back terraces. Townhouses don't seem to be much more than 2500 square feet or so. These are a lot smaller than some of the townhouses going up in Boerum Hill and Cobble Hill, so hopefully they won't be listed at more than $2.5MM.


Incident outside PS 9


Pequena on Vanderbilt to turn into a Korean restaurant

See the post here on brooklynian here.

It would be great if it was on par with Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong or even a Rooster Spin.


Prospect Heights moratorium on filming


Wasn't this going to be a Post Office location?


620 Washington seeks flip

Property purchased in May 2014 for $1.3mm and now seeks $2.2mm.


Kin Shop's Harold Dieterle buys in Cobble Hill

The chef dropped $1.625MM on a duplex condo on Henry Street.


743 Dean hits the market

Here's a premium price listing in Prospect Heights. The project that we've been following for a while is now listed at almost $3MM.

For the price, you get 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a garage for three cars (!) and a ton of glitz factor here.

832 Dean

Here's an interesting condo/investment opportunity in Crown Heights. It looks like 832 is only one half of the entire building. The other half may have been kept by the developer or is being rented out by the developer.

The photo on the Elliman listing shows the left part of the project.

$3.490 gets you a three family - one a ground level plus rec room space, another gets you a floor thru 2 bedroom and another gets you a duplex penthouse.


743 Dean is a modernist build

The former garage front is now black with a grassy top and the house in the back shows few remnants of its previous bourgeois past


Holly Hunter latest celeb to inhabit Fort Greene

A townhouse on one of the "South" streets has sold to the Carnegie Mellon alum.


Parlor Coffee to be featured at Berg'n and at new roastery by the Navy Yard

Berg'n, the new joint venture between Jon Butler and Eric Demby, will feature Parlor Coffee. As well, we spied a new space opening up in the Navy Yard a few weeks back. It was confirmed by the news on the Parlor Coffee website.

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