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Shoe Factory almost sold out

Don't look now, but 10 of the 13 units at the Shoe Factory Lofts on Greene Avenue are now in contract.

All 3 leftover units are ground level duplexes with rec spaces in the basement.

Anyone buy in this project?

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At April 09, 2007 2:29 PM, Blogger Engine Joe said...

We almost did (we 'bought' the book and were planning on making an offer, but found something else we preferred at the last minute).

The unit we had on-hold for us was one of the three still available. I still think that one is the best of the ones available and am surprised to see it remains unsold.

That said, I know other people who saw these units, and they didn't like a lot of things about them. And, in retrospect, certain things were not ideal. Finishes were a bit rough. One of the ground floor units has doors onto the street, which is a bit of a security issue and also limits the usable space of the main living area. Etc. OK location, but not overwhelmingly convenient.

Still, they're pretty decent units for people looking for space at a good price. If something fell through on our current contract, and the unit we were interested in was still available, we'd seriously consider making an offer on the unit.

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