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At long last...Cumberland Greene condos

In a project that must've taken over two years to come to market, the condos at the Cumberland Greene are now listed at Brooklyn Properties -- but one of the units is already accounted for.

The three remaining units are priced well above $1,000 psf. All three are 3 bedroom, 2 bath units priced at $1.65MM and $1.799MM, nothing to scoff at in this market.

The only people for whom this project would appeal to would be well-to-do couples with children who want to live in a brownstone, given the fact that there must be many other choices at this price point for highrise, full-service condos.

Here are some other condos in the $1.5MM to $2.0MM range.

1. A 1,272 sq ft 2/2 at Meier's On Prospect Park with considerably higher monthly charges for $1.75MM.
2. A 1,575 sq ft 2/2 at One Hanson Place for $1.75MM.
3. A 1,950 sq ft 2/2.5 duplex at 10 South Oxford for $1.55MM.
4. A 1,430 sq ft 2/2 at 360 Furman Street for $1.525MM.

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At April 24, 2008 9:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

will these move at these prices?!

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