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Murakami gets keys to Brooklyn for a weekend

Amidst all the hype surrounding the new Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, the wife became a member of the Museum just to snare a free invite to opening night for members only. After sampling the exhibit and making our way through the insanely crowded Murakami gift shop, we made our way down to the entrance hall for some drinks and nibbles.

As hard as he's probably worked for the past few months, Murakami was there with his handlers. We noticed the NY drum and bass DJ DB in attendance. Starstruck, he asked Murakami to autograph something.

Although the Museum was just starting to fill up, we left to have dinner at one of the authentic Japanese joints in Brooklyn - Gen Restaurant. A third of the way through dinner, we see a pimped out black minivan pull up and out pops two young Japanese girls with LV bags they had just purchased from the museum. Halfway through dinner we noticed that Murakami himself is dining with aforementioned party, but then proceeds to pass out asleep at the table.

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