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Fort Greene five spot of food

Dana Rubinstein of the Brooklyn Paper profiles the five new restaurants that have recently opened up on Myrtle Avenue.

  • Il Torchio
  • Manee Thai
  • Ruthie's sister resto
  • Tamboril
  • Kuote

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At September 27, 2007 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the evening of Sept 26th, my friends and I went to Manee Thai for dinner, upon entering the restaurant we asked the server/host(who was the manager/owner) if they took credit cards. The answer was yes and we were seated and dinned. At the end of the dinner when the check came, it was to be paid part cash and part card. The server/host(who was the manager/owner) said he needed to see identification. The was no sign that said they took cards or you needed id to pay. It seemed very peculiar(in our experience restaurants never ask for Id)While we were dinning there was a group of six there also that finished before us paid by card an no ID was asked of them.(the restaurant is small we were seated next to each other you could hear everything) We then inquired the reason. We were first told that they need it for their machine. I inquired if it was a debit machine so that, I can use my pin code. He said, "no" and explained that his bank needed the Id for the receipt. We produced the id and paid. We asked to speak to a manager, one of the waiters screamed out from the back, "he is the manager, just pay your money". When he came back with the receipts for signature, we inquired where on the receipt is the ID numbers where is it used,(he could not answer) We inquired if they were photo copying the Id or taking the numbers? He replied, "some people we have to do we know that you use your card and not some one else card". We then asked, "what is some people?" His reply, "you know some people". At this point we then asked, "Do you mean people who look like us? Because in this neighborhood you lots of people who look like us". He then answered, "yes, people like you." We explained to him that he may need to review his policy, it was basically racial profiling and racist. For a new business it is not a way to start off.


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