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The other case of not-so-publicized eminent domain in Fort Greene

The building which housed a financial concern, Track Data Corp, at 95 Rockwell Place, in Fort Greene has fallen into the hands of the evil purveyors of eminent domain. According to this Daily News article, under the aegis of the BAM Cultural District, the city was allowed to take over the building.

Unfortunately, the building will be destroyed and its longtime 150 workers will be displaced. A current employee, Rafi Reguer, was quoted as saying, ""There used to be a welfare hotel down the street and crack vials all over the place. We had a policy then that nobody could leave the office alone. We left in groups of two or three because it just wasn't safe...But we stuck it out, and now we're getting our reward for sticking around during the lean times."

Sad indeed, the least of which is that we didn't realize there was some online trading platform and market data provider doing business in the good 'ol FG blocks away from where we used to live?!

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