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Newswalk photos

Aguayo & Huebener and Sothebys are in a joint marketing effort to sell the remaining Newswalk units. Surprisingly, Sothebys has about 6 or 7 multimillion dollar penthouse units that they were somehow able to snag, considering they don't have much of a reach in Brooklyn.

Some of the Sotheby units were completely gigantic-- we're talking over 3,000 square feet with a 2 car garage and a lot of outdoor space for $2.8MM. The penthouse units, like the one above also had upgraded kitchens, with GE Monogram fridges in some cases.


At August 08, 2006 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to hear how the realtors are spinning the Atlantic Yards project. Newswalk is totally surrounded if I'm not mistaken.


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