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Curbed comes up with the post of the day

This videographer-made video of corcoran broker Cheryl Eisen has made for a very entertaining read of its' comments. Pure genius--the whole thing, from the video, to the script, to the comments.

Some winners:
  • Anyone dispute she's a dumb chick who degrades all female agents/brokers? The laying on the bed shots? What's that all about? Lingering and lounging across the sofa? What she actually selling? The "I just got fucked" hair?
  • You know every guy ripping her here would kill be be seen with her at Sky Bar. But is's not going to happen.
  • ding dong..."did you order a pizza" ...and you know how the rest goes. Well WHERE IS IT!!! I know this is a porn video now post the rest Lochart you PG13 tool.

    she is hot - i went to Dalton but don't remember her. Can someone post a few of the names of the guys tht banged her. As I recall it was some guy from Horace Mann no?

    by the way three plus four is seven right?
  • Stop saying mean things about the hottie.


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