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South Portland Tower revealed?

When the South Portland Tower was first reported here, neighborhood opponents were chomping at the bit to find out where this Tower was supposed to be located.

Keeping it close to the vest, famed architect Robert Scarano was not ready
to show his cards just yet, while teasing the blogosphere with the possible
location of this building. But today, we find out a little bit more about the 320-foot-tall behemoth. The Brooklyn Eagle reports that the design 'preserves an existing three-story 1830s landmark mansion on the site.'

To us, this only means that this Tower is going on the lot between Atlantic and Hanson Place between South Portland and South Oxford -- the infamous site that was sold by Elliman for either $10 or $13MM. Interestingly enough, a quick check last week showed that this listing is still on their site...has it sold or not?

NB: Scarano Architects just won two Society of American Registered Architects awards, one of
which was for South Portland Tower.


At June 19, 2006 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't think the parking lot you show is the site. that belongs to the church. mark owns the yellow house on south oxford and the house next to that with property that goes all the way through the block (south oxford to south portland -- garages on south portland). since the property is a full block-through, the tower is allowed to be higher according to zoning, i belileve. if the yellow house is being preserved, i imagine the brick one next door will be torn down.

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