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Greene House condos finally online...and selling

I had been jocking these condos, since they were so close to where we're at now, but it wasn't meant to be. The spaces were a bit small and the $ per square foot just wasn't there. I took a tour of the shell when it was still being built like a month ago. Jerry's assistant said she would call me when the prospectus was released. Apparently she forgot my number since the Corcoran site already has two of the units in contract. Oh well, I guess these condos are so oversubscribed she can afford to do that.

The fear in this complex is that the bedroom sizes are approaching near-Manhattan sizes, as witnessed by some of the 3rd bedrooms measuring in at an Earl Boykins-like 10x11. For those who aren't on board w/ Earl Boykins, he's the NBA's smallest player at 5'5", ie the rooms are tiny!

Check it for yourself. Props for the high-quality fixtures, though.

Stone countertops
KBM cherry wood cabinets
Miele dishwashers
GE Advantion microwave
Northland refrigerator
All appliances are stainless steel except dish washers which will be the same wood as kitchen

Greene House Condominiums


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