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The Internet works....really!

In the latest example of how the internet connects like-minded people and makes for an ever-smaller world, the other night, my wife and I were walking to a friend's for dinner and we stopped by a store on 6th Avenue and Bergen, across from the police station, called http://Red Lipstick. We spoke to the proprietor of this knit goods store for a quick minute and then left.

Just today I notice a comment on the post below and it's from none other than the owner herself!

Well, a bit of 411 on the Dean/Underhill area: there's going to be a new day spa on St. Marks and Vanderbilt, a new tapas place called Beast, and her new store which is relocating to 560 Vanderbilt between Dean and Bergen. So for all you knitters out there, be on the lookout for her new store.


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