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Premium Goods - closed up or moved on??

After I dropped off some stuff at the dry cleaners on Saturday morning, I noticed that the Premium Goods store seems to have gone out of business. I asked the laundry woman and she said they may have moved out last Tuesday. She was unsure of the reason why. I asked if it was because there was no business. I didn't really understand her answer.

The NT forum sheds more light on this issue, saying that the rents have gotten too high and they may have moved to cheaper, greener pastures.

The link to the NT forum thread is here.

A while back, Corcoran had a listing for the entire block on which PG sits, on Fulton St. The owner of the block likely sold it to some developer who has now raised the rents. Too bad, the dry cleaners, the red velvet cake man, the Moshood store and the hardware store, not to mention Not Ray's may be out of there soon. I can't find the Corcoran listing online anymore.


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