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Brooklyn to go the way of co-brokering

Who'da thunk it? According to this article in the NY Times Real Estate section today, starting January 3, many (not all) of the large Manhattan real estate interlopers in Brooklyn are going to a co-brokering system aka a multiple listing service. Gone are the days of when I had to pound the pavement to see WB May, William S Ross and Corcoran in the same day just to see 5 different properties. Apparently, the idea is that I will be able to just walk into my favorite broker out there and tell them to show me a, b, c, d and e.

Note the quote from Peggy Aguayo. When I first met her in the office when I was looking at the prospectus for the Washington Condominium, I thought her to be a bulldog in nature. My first impressions were correct - "Brooklyn isn't such a pushover....Firms that want to muscle their way are going to fall on their faces. I don't mind competition. I just don't think there is enough space for them here...Sometimes I feel like David and Goliath. But David won, didn't he?"



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