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Wine and rats mix in Fort Greene

Living in Fort Greene the past 2.5 years has resulted in an acute fear-of-rats-and-mice syndrome. Aside from the initial incident that was anecdoted on curbed, I've taken to freezing in mid-step and almost pulling a calf muscle as I walk down a sidewalk and spy a rodent running across my feet.

To substantiate our fears, we found this link from a male foodie who, in search of wine bars, ventured into Stonehome one night recently and found good wine and rats.

The far better treat was a bartender who seemed happy to banter over the
merits of wine arcana. How often do you encounter a server who can describe in
detail the effect of pinot blanc on the midpalate of the “Gentil”? Better yet,
he laid out an excellent road map of New York importers that was more
informative than what most wine merchants have ever been able to explain. \

Such pleasantries were interrupted only by the fright of two older neighborhood women to our right, whose conversation was halted by the presence of a sizable rat outside the door. After haranguing the bartender for not setting out rat poison, they (and we) watched with curiosity as he went outside to chase it down — unsuccessfully — and they kept a nervous eye on the front door, urging patrons to dash in quicky and keep the place rodent-free. The new arrivals were obviously unfazed, as by the time we left around 8 p.m., the joint was hoppin’, rats or no.


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At March 01, 2006 3:28 PM, Anonymous bojolais said...

The key point is the rats were OUTSIDE the building. I lived in SoHo for 10 years and watched rats the size of cats run across my street every night.,...the street where Courtney Love and Lenny Kravitz both own or owned apartments... I now live in Ft Greene and I love that wine bar so don't mess with it...


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