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Hedge fund managers raiding Fort Greene

We all know that Fort Greene is hot and is attracting the likes of the mid-level associates and VPs on Wall Street, but who knew that the titans of money, the hedge fund managers, have started to buy up Fort Greene real estate?

On this chowhound thread on the newly-opened Bonita restaurant on Dekalb, commenter breakingball laments the passing of his former fave restaurant, Cino's. Apparently Cino's closed up three years before "all the hedge fund managers started moving in to Fort Greene."

I for one remain unconvinced that the hedge fund managers have discovered this tiny part of Brooklyn. If they have, then surely, this $4MM property would have changed hands months ago. Alas, it remains on the market and may have even taken a modest price cut.

Holla if you know a hedge fund manager in the neighborhood.


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