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New restaurant at Dean/Underhill to be ramen joint?

When we broke the news a few days ago that another restaurant was hitting Prospect Heights' new restaurant row, who could've conceived that it would be a ramen joint, opened up by the chef at Morimoto?

Well, that could be coming true, if this post is correct.

What is it about Prospect Heights that has made it easy for high profile chefs from Manhattan to make the jump into Brooklyn? Is it because they live here? Is it because it's unchartered territory for the destination food scene?

Here's a list:

Vanderbilt: Ben Daitz from Num Pang
Dean Street: Nate Smith from Spotted Pig (before he left)
Thirstbaravin: Ginevra Iverson from Prune/Picholine
Ramen Joint: Jamison Blankenship from Morimoto

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