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Eton - new Asian place trying to capitalize on latest Asian trends?

Eton, which has a location in Carroll Gardens, is set to open on Vanderbilt Avenue soon. See the brownstoner link for the menu. The menu includes banh mi sandwiches, dumplings, Hawaiian shaved ice, bubble tea and ramen. What's next - hand pulled noodles a la Xi'an Famous Foods?

Yep, we think so. Take a look at this craigslist ad. Per the ad:

Looking for a chef who is experienced in making Chinese hand pulled noodles and noodle soups for our casual dining restaurant.
Must speak English

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At September 09, 2010 9:41 PM, Blogger Eton in Carroll Garden said...

this is the first time i've ever responded to a blog posting. i didn't take the posting too negatively, i just felt the menu and my concept needed some clarification. I opened "eton" in 2008, serving hawaiian shave ice, dumplings, handpulled noodles, and bubble tea. I only started saimin last year, because of the lack of space in the new store. The sandwiches came about when i started making my bbq pork dumplings, i transferred that concept into a pulled pork sandwich (steamed bun). I have never really felt the need to follow any "trends", like i've ever seen something like "eton" anywhere else. interestingly enough though, after my last trip to hawaii, i would deem my entire menu hawaiian inspired. i don't know if it's capitalizing, or is it just something i just like to do. or maybe it just so happened that my menu reflected shows that recently aired on tv. also, i don't know if handpulled noodle chefs know how to read craigslist ads. most are trained from china and are quite secretive about the technique. i taught myself how to pull noodles, so i would probably teach a cook, as i did in the past, how to pull rather than hire one with experience. - eton


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