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New bar Woodwork experiences Oscars whirlwind

Per the NY Times:

The Oscar for Bad Timing, however, should go to Ross Greenberg. In January, he opened what he calls a sexy soccer bar, Woodwork, in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The bar was outfitted with three 50-inch flat screens, and he began as a DirecTV customer. On Wednesday, he switched to — you guessed it — Cablevision.

Patrons had been promised an Oscar bash, starting at 7 p.m. With a few hours to go, he was still sweating it out. “We’re going to do everything in our power to watch the Oscars tonight,” he said, as he started listing some options — one more unlikely than the next. “We can stream it from the Internet. Is it on a Spanish channel?”

Then he had the idea of trying to reconnect the dormant DirecTV dish on the roof. But that made him nervous. So Matthew Pozzi, the co-owner, hurried over to the Apple store in SoHo and bought an adapter that allowed them to transmit the ceremony from Mr. Greenberg’s MacBook onto the three TVs.

But that method soon developed problems, and a dozen customers, apparently frustrated over the prospect of an Oscar-less night, left the bar, Mr. Greenberg said. Then, after ABC and Cablevision reached their temporary agreement, “All of a sudden they turned the channel back on. Everything is good now.”

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At March 12, 2010 1:38 PM, Blogger Steven M. said...

Duh. Hook up a $20 antenna. ABC is broadcast over the air from the Empire State Building.


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