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Isabella Condos open up in Clinton Hill

The Developers Group and Isabella Condos try and take advantage of the hard work of the early adopters. Check out the prices for these new condos.

1 bedrooms at $455K, 2 bedrooms @ 625K and 3 bedrooms @ a very 2004-like $835K. All this for through-the-wall-sleeve-air conditioners, very little light due to being on a shaded street, and much noise from car traffic.

The many condos at Fulton Condos, Hello Living, the Washington, the condos at Clinton between Fulton and Atlantic will render these Isabella Condos one of the many condos in the immediate area.

Look for the fair market value to be about $395K, $500's and $700's, respectively.

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At August 24, 2008 3:48 PM, Anonymous said...

very beautyful. i want to own this and rent it out


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