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Dekalb townhouse up for grabs

This sleek townhouse next to Liquors on Dekalb between Adelphi and Clermont is on the market via corcoran for $1.925MM.

Click on the pictures and you'll see a great open living room, an extensive kitchen and a very expansive, landscaped backyard.

The house boasts 3,040 square feet of living space, configured as an owner's triplex and a rental unit. Also for the winter months - 5 woodburning fireplaces!!

Incidentally, the house size is only 20 x 38, but the lot size is 20 x 93, so that tells you how large the backyard is. Each floor is a relatively small 760 sf. The house may have changed hands in 2004 thru a private sale.


At October 31, 2006 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

relatively small for a brownstone. looks to be in nice condition. noisy street though, an small size = too expensive


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