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Trends in new construction -- spa-like atmospheres

The Real Deal continues to impress us with its' depth of timely articles that clearly articulate the Brooklyn housing zeitgeist. This month's edition contains an article on how many developers are creating zen-like spa atmospheres within their condominiums.

As usual, the Prospect Heights-condo-guru and oft-quoted Peggy Aguayo, proprietor of Aguayo & Huebener, doles out her pearls of wisdom:

Peggy Aguayo, of Brooklyn realty firm Aguayo and Huebener, began recommending
aspects of tranquility and relaxation to developers after studying Japanese culture.

"I was married in a zendo, I've studied Japanese tea ceremony, I have a deep appreciation and understanding for the sense of tranquility this brings," says Aguayo.

She says the Washington, a 39-unit condo building at 35 Underhill Road (ed: Avenue) in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, is an example of how the trend toward "mindfulness" can impact design. "The building has elements we consider represent peace. It has stone, it has water, and because it is called the Washington, it will have a cherry tree, a rendition of a Japanese tea hut, and will offer a sense of tranquility and peace," she says.


At November 22, 2005 8:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

unbelievable--having been screamed at on the phone by Peggy Aguayo, I find it hard to believe she even knows the meaning of the word "tranquility". But whatever.

At December 27, 2005 2:33 PM, Blogger J. Goldstein said...

I worked with Peggy and I found her to be the most honest and hard working broker/salesperson I have ever dealt with in the real estate industry. Obviously, you have never dealt with the greedy, shady folks in other companies such as Corocran and the like.... I guess when you write anonymously we just can never know what your motives are.

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