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70 Washington poaching 57 Front customers

In a real-world tale of real-estate gamesmanship, we've found out that the powers that be at 70 Washington (owing to their own lackluster sales) are attempting to poach 57 Front buyers. In case you haven't been following the latest Boymelgreen debacle at the 57 Front condos, here's a quick synopsis.

  • 57 Front contract holders complain about delayed closings and having 15% down payments left in limbo for almost a year
  • Lack of progress at 57 Front, while other Boymelgreen projects like the Nexus and the Beacon received the bear's share of resources irk contract holders
  • Savvy buyers notice that the 57 Front contracts stipulate closings must occur by end of 2005.
  • Meanwhile, 70 Washington closings have occurred already. The antsy 57 Front buyers start to second-guess their purchases. Chatter occurs on the blogosphere about jumping ship.
  • 70 Washington decides to take matters into their own hands and starts cold-calling the 57 Front buyers and asks them to take a look at their wares.
I'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear from this one. Stay tuned!


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