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Living in Clinton Hill

Here's an article that was posted January 9, 2005 that features the Clinton Hill neighborhood. Interesting article that delves into the Washington Avenue architecture, among other things. Here are some interesting bits:

-Corcoran broker Merele Williams-Adkins purchased a classic six for $155K in 1995, sold it in 2001 for $577K and purchased a 4000 sqft townhouse on Grand Ave. for $610K

-Roslyn Huebener of A&H purchased the aforementioned $2.15MM brownstone which faces Ft. Greene Park. I originally thought the $2.15MM was for the brownstone at the NE corner of Lafayette and S. Portland but it doesn't exactly face Ft. Greene Pk. Apparently she used Jerry Minsky to as her agent. Note my prior post on Ft. Greene which quotes Minsky as having sold the first $2MM+ house in Ft. Greene.

-They claim parking is fiercely contested in Ft. Greene, unlike Clinton Hill. I haven't experienced any fierce contesting whatsoever.

-The Pfizer mansion from the Brownstoner article on 280 Washington Ave is mentioned as coming on the market for $3.6MM in early February.


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