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Ft. Greene wins neighborhood of the year

The Curbed end-of-year awards has awarded the neighborhood of the year to none other than our very own Ft. Greene. Part of the writeup includes a link to yours truly's post on the Ft. Greene rat attack.

Here's what they had to say:
Okay, we've never actually set foot in it. And yet, it seems everyone we know either bought in Fort Greene this year, thought about buying in Fort Green this year, made a special adventure voyage to dine out in Fort Greene this year (et tu, Bruni?), or otherwise felt the need to namedrop Fort Greene in cocktail conversation. Giant rats or no giant rats, this was the place to be -- or pretend to be -- in 2004. No matter what the future holds (more hipster migration?), we herewith award the first Curbed Cup for Neighborhood of the Year to Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Maybe we'll even check it out ourselves in 2005.


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