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A Bathing Ape in Soho

The Bathing Ape marketing machine finally has hit the Big Apple. Their new boutique at Spring and Greene opened up last week to much fanfare on the Niketalk forum. Hot on the heels of this thread was this week's Style section article on the new store.

A few choice quotes from Clarence Nathan of Premium Goods: "Everyone is feeling those shoes, white skater kids, the hip hop guys... They have a universal appeal and they're selling like crazy..."

The article goes on to mention that "The cost of the shoe at the New York branch of Bathing Ape is significantly lower than the $275 to $300 that Premium Goods and other stores in the city have been charging (though higher than the prices charged for imitations on many Web sites). Mr. Nathan predicts that shoe sales at the SoHo Bathing Ape will be brisk, so brisk that he plans to stop carrying the line himself."

The article sheds no light on the fact that the store on Fulton St. is currently unoccupied. See the blog entry further down below.


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