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Missed connections in Fort Greene

Here's a chance for potential lovers to connect:

1. One person, whose sex we can't tell, saw a cutie at the Smoke Joint, but their partner had a hickie and was hoping he didn't give it to the partner.

2. A guy gets distracted by a sexy short-haired girl at Bonita. Guy's girlfriend caught him and she's pissed at him. Guy decides to put this on craigslist anyway. Damn, hope this girlfriend doesn't read this page.

3. One guy hopes to cheat on the missus when she's away in a few weeks after making eye contact with some chick at the LIRR/Atlantic station.

4. A woman is looking for a left-handed guy who was at Moe's.

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At December 24, 2007 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was my boyfriend..he's dead...


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