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Dermot Co taking 99 Lafayette condo??

A month ago, we profiled a $2000 rental at the apartment building to the right, at 99 Lafayette Avenue between South Portland and South Oxford. Now, word comes that Dermot Company, developer of One Hanson Place condos, purchased this building for $12.8 MM and is hoping to oust renters and turn the place into condos.

What chutzpah!

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At May 13, 2008 1:29 AM, Blogger Mr.NY said...

This company "Dermot Co" is the devil brought to life. Searching by any means necessary to force out or buy out individuals from their not so posh apartments that they call home. Their intentions are too basically gut out the current apartments, reducing their size while renovating and selling for outrageous prices. With the rising cost of real estate within New York the Dermot Company along with a slue of others clearly does not cater to those within the margin of 40k and below.

Unless you’re a rich, over privileged parasite then by all means….enjoy.

PS This also includes the Clock Tower residence owned by Magic Johnson.


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