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364 Myrtle close up (with bonus video)

Our Thursday condo report at brownstoner morphed into a 132-comment-and-counting tirade on Brooklyn race and class issues. Probably 5 of those comments were actual commentary on the condominiums. Here are a few photos. All 3 units are duplexes and there is no elevator. This means that owners of the unit A have a 2-flight walk-up. Unit B has a 4-flight walk-up and the penthouse C has a 6-flight walk-up. No joke--I did it myself today. This may account for the relatively affordable psf.

There are lots of double-paned heavy glass windows and the kitchen cabinets are dark chocolate-colored. Caveat emptor.

Pictures above show the master bedroom with a wall of windows facing into the backyard, a view from the roofdeck atop the penthouse unit and the typical kitchen layout.

BONUS: Click here for a video tour of the penthouse unit. (Prepare to tilt your head to view correctly)


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nice video dude..


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