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Reason #256 on how you can tell Ft. Greene has gentrified

The cultural/socioeconomic zeitgeist of the Ft. Greene that we live in today manifests itself in many ways -- the Audi station wagon and Range Rover I always see parked on South Oxford, the Stonehome Wine Bar, the new coffee bar on Lafayette and Adelphi, the fact that Meat Corp
stocks organic pastas. Well, now, folks, time to add one more thing to the list - the presence of AKC-papered dogs at the local dog run, ie Ft. Greene Park. Wait, you mean, you have no idea what AKC stands for? Duh...American Kennel Club. Counting myself as one of the ignorant ones,
I had to google it in order to find out what it was. Word comes from an anonymous poster on the Brownstoner site that these are 'not the shelter rescues, but the $3000 AKC papered dogs.' Take that, you anti-gentrifiers!


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