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35 underhill - new condo development in prospect heights

about to put a downpayment on these new 'affordable housing' condos in prospect heights. it is at the corner of dean and underhill, two blocks south of atlantic. the closest subway is the clinton/washington C stop two blocks away. this seems to be an undiscovered part of 'far' prospect heights, right on the edge of crown heights.

for those who have reserved units here, i urge you to contact me at so we can discuss the neighborhood and any news you know about the new development.

the architects are scarano architects (, whose office is that oddly shaped roof you see on the bike path of the manhattan bridge. it is usually lit up in red at night. when you get to their website, click on the 'affordable housing' link. i guess these days, this condo passes for affordable, ranging from 419k to 719k or so for two bedrooms to three bedroom duplexes.


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